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Everyone is talking about Chin filler in 2020

Chin and jawline filler is our most requested treatment in the last couple of month amongst female and male patients.

We believe that any good aesthetic work should be invisible, and the general public are realising this is more and more achievable, and looking out for them. Chin and jawline treatments are one of those treatment that you can have a good subtle difference which brings a harmony to your facial features, at the same time no one could tell that you have done any cosmetic procedure. It is fairly quick procedure that performed by our medically trained aesthetic injector, by injecting dermal fillers on chin and jawline area.


My patient's story

I always try to find out from my patients as what is their motivation to have their chosen treatment.

My next patient was a professional female in her thirties, with a busy lifestyle. This was her first cosmetic treatment and of course I was pleased that she has trusted and chosen me as her aesthetic injector.

To my question of '' why did you decide to have the procedure'' , she responded with a short story below: ''In a quiet evening after work as usual sipping on my herbal tea and scrolling through my Facebook feed on my mobile trying to wind down. I came across a video of one of my favourite bloggers. She started talking about anti wrinkle injections for her crow’s feet and forehead lines and dermal filler injections for lips. But it’s when she starts to talk about dermal filler injections in her chin, she got all of my attention. I never knew that the chin shape could be non-surgically altered using dermal fillers!

I paused the video and walked up to a big mirror in my living room and started checking out my face. From the front view, I like how my face looks, but when I saw my face from the side, I hated it! It reminded me of my great grandmother’s face, when she took her dentures out! My chin looked extremely flat and backward, and my face looked out of proportion. After doing my research and reading your reviews I decided to have the treatment''.

Do I need chin filler?

Whenever you are in the bathroom, getting ready for bed you find the make up mirror and look at your face side on, or get your partner or siblings to take a side photo. Even if you have always been quite happy with the shape of your face from the front, as you get older, you need to know that your chin is decreasing in size and that your jaw line changing shape. And that’s when you need to investigate and find a right practitioner who knows how to use dermal fillers in your chin and make you feel younger and more beautiful!

Why do we lose volume in the jaw and chin area, and what does this look like?

Some people have genetically weak or small chin or jawline bones, and some loose volume as they get older. We lose bone in our skull as we age, our cheeks deflate, which ensures the facial fat sinks with gravity downwards.

The bone breakdown of our jaw means that there is no longer a solid foundation in the lower face, and our skin and fat will hang loosely. This adds to a looser appearance in the neck and we develop a 'double chin' that can make the face shape saggy and 'jowly' and chin can look more square.

Which age group is this treatment most suitable?

This treatment is requested and performed by patients from all age groups.

In younger patients who have a genetically weaker jaw or chin, chin and jawline enhancement is a common procedure in which the only other alternative will be major orthognathic surgery to enhance the jawbone.

It is also widespread in more mature patients who have lost their jawline strength by ageing. In some patients, to ensure that we give the soft tissues of the face sufficient support, we always need to treat other areas of the face, such as cheeks, before we treat the chin or jawline

What can dermal fillers do?

Dermal fillers if placed correctly can improve the:

  • Size of your chin: Using dermal fillers, we can enhance the size of your chin.

  • Length of your chin: For some of our patients who have a very weak chin, we lengthen the chin for them

  • Projection of the chin: Having a recessive chin when viewed from the side is very typical with our patients who is seeking our help. We will create a more projected, stronger chin using dermal fillers.

  • Shape of the chin: During initial consultation we discuss and agree what treatment approach to take to reach a desired outcome. Patients may want more width, more length, more angular or less angular chins. Some of our patients want a less pointy chin, which we make it to look more round. Or some patients think that their chins are too square, which is not desirable female look , we can address them look more round.

Each patient is closely reviewed during the consultation and the aesthetic practitioner will have a conversation with the patient during this examination about their appearance and how it can be improved.

How long do the results last?

We use premium hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers which can last anything between 12-18 month. However, some patients can come back in 6-8 months for smaller amount to make them look more steady.

Does chin filler has any risk or side effects?

Minor bruising and small amount of swelling can be a common side effect of this procedure, which is time dependent and short lived. The injection sites and treatment areas can feel bit tender for short period of time and patients can take painkillers to subside the pain.

There is a potential serious risk with all procedures with dermal fillers, which is not specific to chin and jawline procedure. Therefore, you should make sure your practitioner is trained to deal with any problems that may arise.

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